Black Magic Network

BlackMagic NFT Launchpad

A LaunchPad built for the Metaverse
On the BMN launchpad, creators can leverage our deep connections and comprehensive database in the industry to drive targeted traffic to their NFT collections and reach a global audience. T
he native token of Black magic Network, $BMC, grants exclusive perks to its holders, such as exclusive spots in upcoming NFT projects, reduced fees, governance rights and liquidity mining.
No more middlemen, capital gatekeepers, or geographical constraints. No privilege favouring the interests of larger investors over smaller ones.
Capital can now flow freely and directly towards empowering the ideas that deserve it whilst enabling investors of all sizes and backgrounds to fairly participate and capitalize on these early stage opportunities.
Any idea to build NFT collections in the metaverse can now be bootstrapped by an invested community and thus established as a transparent and equitable partnership.
This is the future of new venture funding and BMN Launchpad is here to make it a reality by unlocking the world’s "value reserves" to be accessed by anyone -- fairly, transparently and equitably.